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About Suzi

I am a professionally registered Counsellor, Counselling Supervisor, NLP Life Coach and EFT Practitioner; a Reiki Master/Teacher, Meditation Teacher and Sound Therapist. I am also an experienced Reflexologist and Ayurvedic Massage therapist.

I bring 20 years’ experience within private, voluntary and public sectors; working and training both in the UK and abroad. Learning new skills and integrating them into my practice for the benefit of my clients is a passion of mine. I will always be a student of something; it's in my nature to constantly expand my horizons.  

I run my full-time practice from a beautiful location in South Devon ( In addition to offering individual therapy sessions, I also run a range of workshops and training courses throughout the year.  All are designed to help you tap into your inner wisdom, dissolve limiting beliefs, and reclaim your personal power, passion and potential. 

Whilst deeply passionate about my work, I also have a real passion and zest for life; a thirst for fun and adventure. When my two children were very young, I travelled around the world with them for a year, home-schooling them from the back of the campervan or in a tent. 

I love being out in nature, and feel truly alive when I'm outdoors, particularly when I'm camping - out on the beach, on Dartmoor, in the woods and even - sad as it sounds - in the back garden! Feeling that connection with the elements nourishes my soul; it re-energises me, grounds me and helps me to remember who I am.

I practice yoga, meditate daily and go running and paddle-boarding as often as I can. I also love to write and will soon be starting a blog.

Thank you for taking the time to read my bio.  I look forward to sharing more of myself in person with you some day, on 

one of our Divine Soul Retreats.


About Donna

Hello, my name is Donna, and welcome to my profile, which I hope helps you learn a little bit about me and what makes me tick. My interest in yoga and holistic therapies dates back to pre-2004; the 30th year of my life became one of great significance when, not only did I embark on a journey of self-discovery but I also decided to change career, life style and relocate to Devon as a result of this journey.

My interest in well-being started with Reiki, when I discovered that we have the ability to self-heal. This led me to another and then another therapy training course, which eventually led me to yoga teacher training; the rest is history so they say!

I love all things yoga and had often dreamed about training as a yoga teacher, but thought I was “too old, too inflexible, too over-weight” to be a yoga teacher. However, when I mentioned this to a friend, she simply said “You’re never too old to learn new things, and besides these things are what will help you be a fantastic yoga teacher” and of course, she was right!

Having worked in this field for almost 15 years, and after extensive training with the Association of Reflexologists (AOR), International Institute of Health & Holistic Therapies (IIHHT), The School of Natural Health Sciences (SNHS), Friends of Yoga Society International (FRYOG), and the Water Skills Academy (WSA) I am a qualified Yoga Teacher, Holistic & Complementary Therapist, and WSA Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Board Instructor.

I offer regular yoga classes, treatments and holistic services, in Salcombe and Kingsbridge, Devon, through my practice Simply Soulful ( where I help individuals to feel empowered and to 'Smile on the Inside'.  I also offer Stand Up Paddle boarding through Waterborn SUP in Kingsbridge.

I am passionate about my work, the benefits of the yoga sessions and holistic therapies I offer, the products I use and above all else the people that I work with. Every client becomes a friend and my time spent with each is enhanced by the enjoyment and development gained from every session or treatment.

I live in Malborough (between Kingsbridge and Salcombe), South Devon with my husband Marcus, and our gorgeous Labrador, Deezil, where we enjoy a fun, yet peaceful life together. As well as yoga, meditation, therapies and SUP,  I love wholesome food, green juices, grass roots travel and dogs! My favourite book is The Art of Hearing Heartbeats and favourite movie is 50 First Dates.

With a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart I endeavour to combine my passion for yoga with the great outdoors whenever and where ever I can. On the beach; in the woods; on the water; on the cliff tops of the South Devon Coastal path; with the grass beneath my feet; under a moonlit and starry sky! I consider myself very lucky to live in South Devon and to have so many beautiful natural resources around me, and to enjoy these truly inspirational views, upside down!

I regularly undertake post-grad training in both my yoga and therapies, and continue to play, learn and embrace all that life offers me. Along with other elements of my daily life, personal yoga and meditation practise, working part-time, running a business and regular interaction with family & friends, my life continues to be challenging, fun-filled and rewarding. I invite integrity, mindfulness, compassion, relaxation and good health into my life in all that I do.

I look forward to sharing fun times with you soon! Namaste, Donna xoxo